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lifestyle balance
everything accounted for


The key figure that monix shows you is your 'lifestyle balance'. This is your financial health after taking into account your current lifestyle outgoings - this means that it shows you how much excess money you have after EVERY one of your outgoings is accounted for.

sustainable living

What this allows you to do is see exactly how sustainable your lifestyle is. It allows you to plan and visualise how a slight change in your lifestyle can have a huge impact on your ongoing financial health.

Your lifestyle balance will fall into one of three categories...

lifestyle balance

A negative monix lifestyle balance is not necessarily a bad thing. It just means that you are planning a lifestyle that is living above your current means.

Do not worry about it; you can easily tweak your lifestyle in monix to improve your balance and move up the tiers. (Check out our webinars and YouTube channel to find out how)

Try to aim for a zero balance and do not rush anything... it can be a gradual process over a few months. 

lifestyle balance

A monix lifestyle balance that reads "£0" is a fantastic thing. It means that you are currently living within your means and you should have have zero worries about being able to afford the lifestyle you have planned.

The next step would be to fill up your envelopes, bolster that catastrophe fund envelope and start working your way towards a positive lifestyle balance (although you do not need to if you can guarantee your income will not change).

lifestyle balance

If you have no envelopes you wish to put your positive balance in, that means you have excess money and you are living a lifestyle below your means... which is a great thing!

This is a wonderful position to be in as it means you are starting to build 'months in the bank'.

If you divide your lifestyle balance by your month's break even amount, you will see how many months you can live without requiring any further income!

fixed outgoings
monthly payments

All direct debits, standing orders and bank loan repayments. These are all automated fixed payments. Any monthly commitment that varies in price or payment period would be accounted for in envelopes or your living budget.

effectively organised


No matter what account these fixed outgoings come out from, you will have them all collected in one handy area. You will be able to see when the next payment is coming out and how much you still have yet to come out throughout the month.

money aside


This is the monix equivalent of literally putting money into an envelope when you are saving up for something - we are just doing it for EVERYTHING you need to save for, whether that's for an unwanted shock expense, your yearly car insurance or saving for that deposit on a house.

relaxed living


By doing this with all these accessible envelopes, you know that you have the money there for anything you need to pay for that's outside of your fixed outgoings and living budget. Ahhhh relaxing. 

living budget
regular spending


Any expense regularly occurred during the month would be accounted for in your Living Budget. Items such as food, fuel, clothing, entertainment, etc. would have a budget allowance which you can easily keep track of in monix.

effective and sustainable


monix allows you to see your spending each month and from previous months so you can make the adjustments as you require. You may find that you spend a lot more than you realised on food - and that's OK - now you can effectively plan for that going forward and know you can sustain it.

plan for the future
make informed decisions


Knowing how deep the water is before jumping in is something you're going to want to know... spending money is no different.  Using monix to plan your income and outgoings will give you the sound peace of mind that you'll be fine adding the new commitment to your lifestyle.

avoid problem debt

Not all debt is bad, but it is far too easy in this world to get into a financial position where you are going ever deeper into debt that you cannot pay back - that is a problem!

Using monix to show you when and how this could happen will help you avoid it. Let's make bankruptcy go bankrupt!

future planning
income expectations
cash flow

You know you've got money in your account right? So what's stopping you from buying that new bike right now, or getting the rest of your credit card cleared?

Well, monix shows you what your account cash flow is in the coming months with all your fixed outgoings yet to come out. This can show you if your account will dip into a negative in the future based on your purchases.

Simple to fix before it happens by just moving some money around - and you get to avoid those irritating bank overdraft charges!

future purchase

Wouldn't it be great to see what impact that new car or house you want to buy will have on your lifestyle and finances?


monix can show you exactly if you can afford EVERY element that comes with the new purchase. You will find out if you can afford it in your current lifestyle or, if you can't, how to tweak your lifestyle so you can. If this is not possible then maybe you will have to reconsider that purchase - SAVED from getting yourself into problem debt. Phew! 

Find out before you commit to the consequential outgoing obligations.

new job
income requirement

If you are going for that promotion or applying for a new position, you need to know what your absolute minimum salary required is so you can effectively negotiate knowing your limits.

Not only does monix tell you what salary you require to meet your planned lifestyle, it also shows you how many months you have 'in the bank' before you require another income injection.

That means that you can comfortably take time off, quit your job or be safe in the knowledge that the self employment sporadic payment can work for you!

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go pro

or get personal

full financial picture

monix pro is a stress-relieving money management platform that allows you to live the lifestyle you deserve.

start straight away

This simple to use budgeting tool allows you to start saving straight away.

supported all the way

Our videos will talk you through the whole setup process and help you use it going forward.

monix pro
hayley, 26
new home owner
"monix has helped me move forward to achieving my dream of owning my own home.
it has taken the stress out of organising my finances and allowed me to maximise my savings."
here for you

We will sit with you on a dedicated 1-1 video call to help set up your monix and talk you through how you can personally get the most out of it.

maximum organisation

In addition to monix pro, you will also receive your own monix journal.

pioneer the future

In addition, when we create our app, you will be invited to become one of our selected beta testers - and get it FREE FOR LIFE after launch.

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lifestyle balance


The monix lifestyle balance is the most important number in your financial well being. It shows whether you can afford the lifestyle you are living or have planned. It doesn't matter if you're in a negative, we'll help.

in just
three months


We guarantee that if you follow our guidance, over three months your lifestyle balance will have improved; meaning you can be comfortable knowing you are covered when living the lifestyle you've planned.

with no
financial risk


It's simple. If, after using monix for three months and following our guidance, your balance does not improve, you'll get a full refund...

we're that confident you'll become more financially healthy with monix.

"using monix for my personal finances has genuinely helped me be more chilled out at work.
i'm making better overall decisions as i'm no longer paranoid about my own pay packet."
james, 37
business owner
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