frequently asked questions

what months will my monix budget cover?

It depends when you buy your monix budget in the year as the budgets are updated quarterly. If you do not have the correct budget for, please contact our support centre.

do i need to install any additional software to run monix?

This version of monix is an intelligent Excel workbook, so you will need to have Microsoft Excel installed on your device.

can i use monix on my phone or tablet?

monix runs off Microsoft Excel, so if you have the capability to open Excel documents on your device, then yes you can. However, monix has been optimised for use on a laptop or desktop.

what makes monix different from other budgeting tools?

monix is the only financial management / budgeting tool that looks at the whole picture. With other tools, you could save for the thing you wanted but not have the money or ability to pay for the next purchase, such as christmas shopping, or have the money to pay for that broken boiler that spoils your month. Ultimately, it covers all bases and give you total peace of mind that you are covered. It also allows you to plan for, and see how possible future financial commitments will affect your finances and day to day budgeting.

do i need to add my student finance in monix?

No, you don't. You use monix however you feel suits you best. However, we would reccommend you have it there (just don't look at it) for the full financial picture.

i have more than four accounts, what should i do?

It would first be worth asking, what are they and why do you have them? Do you need more than four accounts? If you have more than one savings account because you're a boss and you've maxed out your first ISA, then we would suggest 'Account 4' being a combined savings account. So add up all your ISA's and merge it into 'Account 4'. If you have more than four accounts for another reason, then contact our support so we can answer your individual circumstance.

how do i learn the monix way?

Join our next free webinar! Spaces are limited so make sure you book on here.

how do i get on a monix webinar?

First, just register to the webinar you want to view here. You will be sent an email with a link to join the webinar closer to the event.

what is your refund policy?

As this is a digital download product, and we allow you to learn, see and experience the whole product on our free webinars, refunds will not be issued. In case of duplicate purchases in error, we will refund the duplicate purchase when requested to do so.

i have bought the wrong monix product, what can i do?

If you have bought the wrong product, or duplicated your purchase in error, then contact us via our support centre and we will rectify the issue. We cannot authorise refunds from monix plus to monix budget.

monix is password protected, what is it?

Your password will be in the text document named 'password' when you download monix.

how do i set up my monix budget?

There will be a link in the text document named 'set up instructions' when you download monix.

how do i qualify for the money back guarantee?

We'll let you know shortly.

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