creating a financially healthy world

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the monix way

This new way of managing your money just makes sense. We call it 'the monix way' but it will soon be your way.

completely free

We will teach you everything COMPLETELY FREE, just join our next webinar to learn with us.

save big

The monix product conveniently shows you your true financial health. On the webinar, we also demonstrate how the easy to navigate tool is there for you if you want to make even bigger savings and easily plan for the future.

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no more stress

Proven over and over again by our users to save significant money each month, monix takes the stress away from your finances.

plan for the future

By easily accounting for every outgoing you are due to have, expected or unexpected, you can finally plan those future purchases.

lifestyle planning

monix also allows you to manage, cut and forecast your outgoings - showing you what you need to earn in order to live the lifestyle you are planning for.

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happier living

The monix budgeting method has changed lives. It has allowed our users to live a happier, financially stress-free life - enabling them to enjoy the things they value most!

boss it

Now, no matter what you need to pay for through the year, you know you have it covered - like a boss!

life on your terms

That means, you can go on the holiday you have wanted to for years, whilst also easily soaking up the cost of that new boiler! Start saving with monix now!

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our purpose

Help you live your desired lifestyle.

We are here to take the anxiety out of personal finance by helping you enhance your financial health, achieve your financial goals and live the life you deserve.

our vision

To create a financially healthy world.


We are committed to increasing your physical and mental well-being by redefining, educating and improving your financial health.

our approach

By using monix pro and the monix journal we enable you to make intelligently informed spending decisions. These easy-to-use tools, proactively allow you to fully understand, plan for, and simply manage your money flow.

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get financially healthy


The monix journal will help you to improve your productivity and organisation and will, therefore, greatly improve your chance of success. 

Only £12.50

monix pro
maximise your savings

monix pro is a year's budgeting tool and allows you to start saving straight away. Comes complete with our best money saving guidance videos.

Only £50.00

monix personal
saving, tailored to you

monix personal includes a monix journal and a 1-1 video call with a member of our team who will help set up and tailor your monix budget to you.

Only £200.00

optimised for

(The monix products above are a budgeting tool for a 12 months period. To find out what months are covered in the products above, please visit the FAQ section.)


what's been said

amy, 28
monix journal
"why haven't i been doing this, it makes so much sense!"
george, 35
monix pro
"thank you monix, this has saved us so much money!"
katie, 53
monix personal
"first time in my life i am not worried about money!"
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